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Hainault & Clayhall Cricket Club 1st Eleven squad

1st Eleven
Ryan Hurst Member profile - no photo available

Captain : Ryan Hurst

opening batsman
off spin bowler

A.K.A. Chi Chi, Tigger, Stretch and Inspector Morse

Last ball of the 2005 season was hit for six, earning the Last Spanner of the season for the Odd Squad. 

Barack and I are planning changes to the World so I am busy at the moment, but in 6 months I will have more time. 
Irfan Shah Member profile

Vice Captain : Irfan Shah

Hassan Ahmed Member profile

Team Manager : Hassan Ahmed

Batting Style : RHB Middle Order

Bowling Style : RH Leg Break / Leg Spin

Wicket Keeper : N/A

Scorer for the 1st Team since 2013

International Cricket Scorer in partnership with ICC Europe 

Clubs Stats Guru

Clubs Vice Selection Chairman

Clubs Specialist Batting Coach & Consultant

Daniel Austrie Member profile Daniel Austrie
Known to some as some D-Funk

To others Big Bird 

Right handed batsman and right arm bowler

Serious work ethic, hard grafter

Working my way up the ranks
Ravi Bopara Member profile - no photo available Ravi Bopara
To be honest a bit player for the club. Has ability but may not go far in the game.
Lynsey Crowley Member profile - no photo available Lynsey Crowley
1st X1 Scorer
John French Member profile John French
Name: John Simon French  Cricket Attributes : Wicketkeeper Nick Name: Frenchie, Jim (Courier). Biography: A very old man now Frenchie still is the best amateur keeper in the club but is overlooked for some ex pro who used to play for Essex. Still holds club record score of 205 not out.
Dominic  Hurst Member profile - no photo available Dominic Hurst
Bats like 'the Windies of old'
Khalil Khan Member profile - no photo available Khalil Khan
 Unorthodox off spinner and No 6 batsman

have the ability to bowl the DOOSRA

Daniel  Oliver Member profile - no photo available Daniel Oliver
Part time medium
Yasin Patel Member profile Yasin Patel
Single. Polite. Good looking. Is known as "Chesh" and "Smiley" to friends.
Has an IQ of 12, but pretends that it is a lot more!
Is known for being the slowest batsman in the history of cricket in Essex. Rather vain too. Carries a comb in one pocket and hair gel in the other. Super glue in his back pocket as he cannot catch. Finally, is known as 'John Smith' to close friends due to his 'cardboard cut-out' like movements!
It is now official, Yasin won the H&C pin up award again. It is now 17 years running.  Club have indefinitely banned him from the competition.
Adrian Rollins Member profile - no photo available Adrian Rollins
Right Hand Bat
Specialist close catcher...barracker of all rubbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssh lol.
Atif Zafar Member profile - no photo available Atif Zafar
Young, good-looking, great batsman, awesome bowler and the next Jonty Rhodes in the field.  A chest like a Bollywood actor and arms like a bodybuilder.  Find me in Forbes magazine. 
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